Who the Heck Is Behind Brewed Adventures?!

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Who the heck is behind Brewed Adventures? What is this even about? 

Hi! We’re Josh and Courtney. We’re just two “kids” who are super obsessed with: 

  • Travel
  • Craft Beer / Breweries

Paying homage to the oldest pub in the world, Sean's Bar in Athlone, Ireland.


We’ve spent years fantasizing and dreaming of starting a beer blog, documenting our favorite breweries and various brews. We’ve also been toying with a travel Instagram and potential YouTube channel (@MarriageOnTheMove). We’ve essentially visualized a life for ourselves where our hobbies and passions were our actual careers, and we became our own bosses. Insert, Brewed Adventures. A lovechild of our wildest dreams manifested into a physical product that we can share with the world. All those other dreams? Still at large and in charge. However, we couldn’t wait to get started on our path.


But you may be asking, “What started it all? I get the travel, but what is the beer thing even about?” Well…


Once upon a time, I (Courtney) thought a “good beer” was Miller Lite, and I thought I was high-brow with my refined preferences. *hair toss*


Side note, if you like Miller Lite, nothing wrong with that. You’re entitled to your [wrong] opinion. But, I implore you, OWN that ish. Don’t be wishy-washy about your tastes.


In 2015, I met Josh, a hardcore Sam Adam’s Boston Lager fan. Now, at the time, I hated Sam’s. I felt it was “too heavy” and just “sat in the stomach”, in addition to a “gross” flavor. It was then that Josh took it upon himself to start taking me to local breweries and trying new things.

Celebrating at Sam Adam's for Josh's 26th Birthday Bash!


At the time, I thought this was incredibly stupid, boring, and an absolute waste of time/money. Hint, I was dead wrong.


One of the first breweries he took me to was Wormtown in Worcester, MA. I got introduced to the world of beer flights and the advantage of getting to try several things without the commitment of a full pour of 12-16 oz. If you’re new to the beer world, [WELCOME], this is what we recommend. Go to your local breweries and try ALL the flights. 


Now, let it be known that:

  • the country’s most popular beers
  • from the biggest beer companies 
  • that we all know the commercials for
  • that are considered “piss beers” by the hoity-toity elitist 

Are in the class of Lagers. These are your Miller Lites, Coors, Buds, etc. This is where I started, and you should begin as well if you’re a newbie. Lagers tend to be lighter beers, with a more mild flavor as opposed to the wildly popular, hop-heavy ale favored by beer snobs. A.k.a. Me. I’m a beer snob.


Anyways, back to the story. We tried every beer Wormtown had on tap. This included their flagship, Be Hoppy, their second most popular, Blizzard of ’78, and a repulsive sour that I’ve successfully erased from memory. #SorryNotSorry


At the time, Wormtown was a bust.


It took many breweries and many flights to learn I was a hardcore Lager gal. It was then, after multiple brewery trips, I fell in love with Jack’s Abby, THE brewery that specializes in lagers.

Making a visit at Long Trail Brewery in Vermont.


Blah, blah, blah, years, years, years, we got introduced to the Rhode Island Brewer’s Guild, who developed a passport. Game. Changer. This is absolutely incredible, and we cannot recommend downloading the app ASAP. Within it is listed Rhode Island’s finest craft breweries, where you can collect stamps. After collecting so many stamps, you earn rewards such as: 

  • An exclusive Guild pint glass
  • A spiffy hat
  • And then, upon completion, a unique pour, not sold ANYWHERE, of a collaboration beer called End of the Rhode


Fast forward to today, where I’ve evolved and expanded my palette to adore IPAs and where I [jokingly] believe that Josh’s is stunted at Level: Lager. Wherever we roam, from Rhode Island to Ireland, we make it our mission to find a brewery and sampling flights from all over. 

Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral, Florida


Essentially, what it all comes down to, is the fact that we love sharing our passion for exploring the world, immersing ourselves in new cultures, meeting fantastic people, and getting a taste of local craft braüs wherever we go. It’s an incredible community that is welcoming and constantly changing. We want nothing more than to bring you along!

Smuttynose Brewery, New Hampshire


Ergo: Brewed Adventures 

Drink Local / See the World



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