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altruist{al’-troo- ist} a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others

altruist brewing company

Altruist Brewing is located in the little town of Sturbridge, MA, and is open Thursday through Sunday. Uniquely nestled in an old mill building overlooking the Quaboag River, it shares space with shopping plaza with a quaint coffee shop, an amish furniture business, and a multi-level flea market (where we picked up a pretty cool stein). Access to Altruist and their beer garden is around back with plenty of parking on site. You are greeted with a rustic, industrial feel, with proud lettering saying “Altruist Brewing Company”. 

altruist brewing tap room

Upon entering, there is the bar to your right, and ample seating all around. While there is the industrial decor all around, there’s plenty of artistic touches around including a mural blazoned on an entire wall of their logo, the perfect backdrop for the little stage set up for when there is live music. The daily tap list is stationed right at the entrance and also hanging above the bar. In the tap room you are surrounded by distillery barrels and brewing equipment, giving you a feeling that you are part of the brewing process. The founders of Altruist kept a true industrial look when designing this brewery and we loved it. 

Altruist offers about 13 beers on tap, and you can also get some hard kombucha (which Courtney was almost tempted to do as she loves kombucha). If you are looking for something non-alcoholic they also have seltzer’s, kombucha, and sodas ready to go to accompany their food menu. Grab a small bite, a hotdog, or sausage, and wash it all down with a signature ice cream float. One of the floats is made with their PB&J stout! You will definitely want to try that. 

After grabbing a couple flights, we migrated outside to the beer garden on a beautiful hot, sunny, summer day. There were about 6 bench style tables with umbrellas for patrons to sit at and Altruist offers more seating out-front, so finding a spot shouldn’t be an issue. With such a friendly bar staff, and the fun, gritty vibe, this was definitely a place that we plan to stop into when we are traveling through the area again. 

altruist brewing company mural


Courtney’s Line Up

  • Venus
  • Universal Donor
  • Wallonia
  • Johnny Fry

1. Venus - Blonde 5.5% ABV

“Light & Refreshing with a slight hop presence”

Courtney: It has a hint of something sour and bitter. 
Josh: A little hoppy but not over powering. Could drink a glass on a hot day but for a blonde its a little hoppy. I am not getting the sourness that Courtney is. Maybe a little bit of a hit on the tip of the tongue


2. Universal Donor - Double New England IPA 8.2% ABV

“Dry-hopped with Simcoe and a double-dose of Idaho 7. This well-balanced DIPA has notes of melon and citrus with a dank finish.”

Josh: I am assuming I am going to hate this.
Courtney: It is a dark golden, almost amber color. Unfiltered. It's not completely unfiltered, but very hazy. Very hoppy. Balanced. We definitely need to start learning more descriptive words. Also picking up on hints of caramel. This does have a slight…not burnt…but something. This is where I need to learn new terminology.
Josh: Oh that’s actually not bad. I could order that. It’s not a hit you in the face double IPA. Very good. Definitely well balanced.


3. Wallonia - Saison 5.5% ABV

“Belgian-style Farmhouse ale, a light & malty beer with slight notes of fruit with a bit of spice”

Courtney: Light pale gold color. Classic saison beer. Slight peppery taste. Low carbonation. Yeah, a juicy peppery taste 
Josh: Yeah that’s really accurate. So far I think that is the beer I would get an entire pour of. I don't really have much to add on this one. 


4. Johnny Fry - Double Dry Hopped New England IPA 7% ABV

“Juicy & Hazy with fruity notes of citrus & melon”

Courtney: Definitely hazy. Looks like it will be nice and juicy. Orangey color. Oh that’s super juicy and citrusy. I'm torn between that and the Donor. Low carbonation.
Josh: That wasn’t bad. I could stomach the Johnny Fry. I feel like the Universal Donor was more balanced than the Johnny. I am getting a lot less of that hop flavor from the Universal. I’m surprised because the Universal was a double IPA and this is just the single. 
Courtney: I feel like if you’re tasting less hop, then it’s more balanced. I think the Universal is definitely more hoppy and this is more juicy. You taste a lot more citrus tones, more mosaic hops.
Josh: I don’t taste that. The first thing I got was that big hop flavor in your face. Maybe it’s not hops I hate and I just don’t like citrus. (My life is a lie).

altruist brewing company beer tasting flight

Josh’s Line Up

  • Force On Nitro
  • Passion
  • Pucker Face: Mango Dragon Fruit
  • Sassy Cassie

1. Force On Nitro - Oatmeal Coffee Stout 5% ABV

“A light & creamy Oatmeal Stout with prominent notes of chocolate & coffee”

Josh: I am excited. I love when beers are infused with Nitrogen. It adds smoothness that you don’t get from other beers because it levels all that carbonation. That is not bad. You can definitely taste the coffee. The oatmeal is subtle, but it’s definitely a very smooth stout.
Courtney: I just taste coffee. I can taste a little bit of like an oatmeal cookie, but I’m not a big stout fan. It’s a pretty good one though.


2. Passion - Gose 4.5% ABV

“Slightly tart gose, a nice light beer with lovely notes of passion fruit and guava, coriander, & a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt”

Courtney: Light golden color, pale yellow, Hazy. (Gag). Oh God. That is not good. That is sour and not in a good way!
Josh: Well now I'm excited (sarcasm). That is more sour. What does it taste like though.
Courtney: Pee?
Josh: It doesn’t taste like pee.
Courtney: You know what pee tastes like?
Josh: In a past life I was Bear Grylls.
Courtney: He’s still alive…..
Josh: That is….I want to say florally? Like dandelion wine?
Courtney: Is that what dank is?
Josh: It’s not dank.

3. Pucker Face: Mango Dragon Fruit - Berliner Weisse 5.3% ABV

“Super-dosed with Mango and a touch of Dragonfruit give this Berliner Weisse a taste of summer”

Josh: Courtney will hate this This will be most like a sour. 
Oh yeah. Thats a sour. I kind of like it. The more you drink it the easier it gets.
Courtney: (Retching noise) Oh God. Oh wait, the after taste is great! I just can’t stomach the initial hit to get to that part. Getting it down was difficult, but the after taste is great. I’m going for a second taste. That wasn’t bad the second time. Actually pretty good. Definitely a sour, sits at the back of the tongue and mouth. It’s sour, but has a hint of sweetness. Kind of like a Sour Patch Kid.
Josh: Thats the thing with sours. They hit you really hard for the first sip or 2 and then it gets easier. I can agree with the Sour Patch Kid. Definitely not like a war head. Very palatable. 


4. Sassy Cassie - Peanutbutter Jelly Stout 9.1% ABV

“A dessert beer, mildly sweet with prominent notes of peanut butter and raspberry jelly on the back-end”

Josh: I’m interested to see how you like this since PB&J is your go to small snack.
Courtney: But I don’t like peanut butter tasting drinks. You just made your gross face.
Josh: That is weird. It tastes like chunky peanut butter with a hint of jelly. Not a huge fan but glad I tried it.
Courtney: UGH….BLUGH. That’s like if you threw a PB&J in the blender, put in a little bit of soda and poured it in a glass, and served it up. NOT a fan.



As always, us doing a beer tasting is an interesting experience as we both have wildly different tastes. Always take what we say with a grain of salt. It should also be noted that after this brewery trip, we have slowly started learning more “appropriate” terminology to better describe beers. However, we still appreciate our common man descriptions.


We highly recommend stopping in to visit Altruist if you’re ever in the area!

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