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Wormtown Brewery, Worcester, MA


We visited one of our favorite breweries to date, Wormtown Brewery on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester MA. This is where Courtney’s journey to better beer began. Wormtown Brewery started in Worcester MA in 2010 and has since expanded to open a location in Foxboro MA. While we have not personally visited the Foxboro location as of yet, so we will focus solely on the Worcester brewery.

Wormtown has a laidback feel and is located in a plaza that lets you forget that you are in the heart of the second largest city in New England. When you drive up, the building is kind of small, but the team at Wormtown took this into consideration and have not only indoor seating but an outdoor beer garden as well! There is no kitchen so all of the space can be dedicated to the art of brewing these tasty craft beers. If you do get hungry, Volturno Pizza Napoletana is right next door and will deliver anything you order over to the brewery (We personally got the Margherita and Cavolfiore, highly recommended). 

Once you walk into the brewery, you are met with a very industrial style setting. There is usually 2 staff at the bar ready to meet you with a smile and they are more than happy to answer any questions you have and give some recommendations based upon your personal tastes. Flights and full pours are available for consumption on sight, and growlers and other merchandise is available for take home. All flights are 4 pours per flight. We personally love to get a flight a piece and share so we can try as many different beers as possible. Once you have chosen your preferred style of consumption, you can either drink inside or out in the beer garden. We almost always recommend going for the beer garden. It is open for the majority of the year and the brewery offers outside heaters so they can serve outside for the cooler months. They do have a plastic awning that drapes around the entire exterior beer garden, but for those who are not acclimated to cold weather, ::cough cough:: Courtney ::cough cough::, it can make for a less than enjoyable time. 

Last thing I want to talk about is the bathroom. Let’s face it, when you drink, it has to come out eventually. When you enter the bathrooms at Wormtown, the walls are covered in stickers from other breweries. It is a wicked cool concept and you can always grab inspiration for where your next beer adventure might be! But I know you didn’t come here just to hear about the brewery, let’s dive into the beers.



We each grabbed a flight and sat outside in the beer garden. Courtney had the more IPA heavy flight and I grabbed a more erratic bunch ranging from lagers to shandy.


Courtney’s Lineup:

  1. Stache Strong
  2. Don’t Worry IPA
  3. Pass Me The Laser Beam
  4. Be Hoppier



“This beer is brewed in honor of the hashtag #Brewstachestrong campaign in order to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research during brain tumor awareness month. This American Pale Ale was brewed with one hop, El Dorado and one malt, Golden Promise!”

Courtney: This beer is light and wonderfully flavorful. Balanced, hits the palate equally without any strong bitterness.
Josh: Out of all of Courtney’s choices, this is probably my favorite one. It is light bodied and very drinkable. Surprising since I tend not to be a Pale ale/IPA fan.



2.  DON’T WORRY IPA: NE IPA  |  5.8% ABV  |  55 IBU

Our take on the Right Coast IPA with light haze, notes of tropical fruit and a juicy hop bitterness will take away all your worries.”

Courtney: I like it, Josh doesn’t. It has a slight bitterness, but it isn’t overwhelming if you are new to IPAs. You won’t get that penny taste. You can definitely taste the juicy, fruit flavors of the hops. 
Josh: This is probably as far as I’ll go to enjoying an IPA. It tastes like you walked right up to the hop plant and just popped one directly into your mouth. Just one though.



3.  PASS EM THE LASER BEAM: NE IPA  |  6.2% ABV  |  40 IBU

“A super hazy New England IPA with a radiant orange color and vibrant tropical flavors of mango, papaya, and super ripe strawberry.”

Courtney: I personally like this. It has a lot of juiciness, a lot of that nice fruity flavor, but its not an over the top fruit flavor where it gets too sweet. Its well rounded and hits the palate nicely. It does have quite a bit of a hoppy flavor and a bitterness. I’m a fan!
Josh: I believe my exact words were, “Keep this death in a glass away from me”. Needless to say I was not the biggest fan. It is definitely juicy, but then it took a hard turn and tasted like I licked all the hammers at a hardware store. I hate this flavor.



4.  BE HOPPIER: Imperial/Double IPA  |  8% ABV  |  76 IBU

“Double dry hopped with Galaxy evoking flavors of passionfruit, citrus, and stonefruit. It’s aggressive and well balanced all at the same time. What do you do when our Be Hoppy IPA isn’t hoppy enough for you? Seek out its award winning bigger brother. We add mash hopping along with our double dry hop and hop back processes to create a hop bomb of epic proportions.”

Courtney: This is their beer of the month! I think Josh likes this even less than the Laser because it is EXTREMELY hoppy. If you are a fan of IPAs, especially double IPAs and something that is dry hopped, this is going to be right up your alley. I like it, and if I had to have a whole pint of it I would be fine. Not my favorite here, but I like it!
Josh: As far as the comparison to the Laser, I hate this beer for all types of other reasons. The laser seemed oppressive, but this one just feels like I’m chewing on a bag of pennies.


* Courtney would like to add, “This is for Bett, Randy you would HATE this IPA!” @RandyHatesIPAS




Josh’s Lineup:

  1. Raspberry Lemonade Seltzer
  2. Mass Hole Lager
  3. Your Brewers Favorite
  4. Shrewsbury St Shandy


1.  RASPBERRY LEMONADE SELTZER: Hard Seltzer  |  5% ABV  |  150 CAL

(I know, it’s not a beer, but we feel that all craft brews should be given a try.)

“Rotating experimental draft only series.”  

Courtney: This is really good. As someone who hates hard seltzers, I really enjoy this. It is really easy, light, perfect for a hot summer day. Not an over whelming flavor at all. This is what seltzers need to be.
Josh: This seltzer is really good. This is the first time I think Courtney and I have agreed on a seltzer. If White Claw decided to come out with a lemonade series, this is what I imagine it would be. I could definitely have like 4 of these and not notice. This is the kind of beverage that sneaks up on you. 



2.  MASS WHOLE LAGER: American Light Lager  |  4% ABV 

“A light crisp refreshing lager made with A-Whole lot of Massachusetts ingredients.” 

Courtney: It is your typical “piss beer” lager. This is definitely a beer meant for people just starting on their beer journey. This is something I would have liked when I was still into Bud Light or Coors. It’s a beginner beer. This one you are drinking because it is the only thing available 
Josh: I wish I liked it more. With a name like Mass hole, I expected something more elevated. Honestly it is aptly named. You go to a craft brewery and expect more out of the beer, so when you don’t like it, the beer just kind of gives you the finger and says “F*** you for not liking me”. That is very Mass hole. Could I drink this beer? Yes. Would I enjoy any moment of it? Not really. 



3.  YOUR BREWER’S FAVORITE: American Lager  |  4.7% ABV  |  29 IBU

“In partnership with our friends at Boston Beer Company, we created this Rye Lager featuring Modern German noble hops Ariana and Callista. This is the beer your brewers want to drink at the end of their shift!” 

Courtney: This will have a little bit of hoppiness to it. This is definitely better than the Mass whole Lager. This is very much like a Jack’s Abbey Lager. It has a very minimal hoppiness flavor, it is for sure a lager and not an IPA. You can taste the slight bitterness that can come from a hop. It is a well rounded flavor. I appreciate it.
Josh: This is what I expected the Mass Whole Lager to taste like. This was a much more thought through lager. I like to be reminded that I am drinking a beer as I taste it. It still won’t replace my favorite beer, Sam Adams ( didn’t dawn on me until writing this that Wormtown paired up with Sam Adams to create this brew), but if I were at a bar and saw this on the menu, I’d order it. 



4.  SHREWSBURY ST. SHANDY: Shandy/Radler  |  5% ABV  |  30 IBU 

“Our Shrewsbury St. Shandy is created with our crisp lager and blended with fresh lemonade.” 

Courtney: I am not the biggest fan of shandy’s so we will see how this goes. *Cue, retching and choking noises* That’s not good. I need to drink some more Laser Beam to wash that out of my mouth.
Josh: Oh Yeah, Courtney is going to hate this. This is super sweet. Courtney did well though. She got a whole quarter of a sip down. I honestly like it. The first shandy I ever had was the Shock Top Lemon Shandy and I absolutely loved it. I’m going to say that this one is even better. I ended up drinking so much of the shock top that I started to find it too sweet, but Wormtown has done a good job of curbing that. It is a very balanced, really well made shandy. You have a hint of the lemon and it doesn’t take the focus completely away from the beer. 
*All descriptions underneath beer titles are from Wormtown*

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